Gym Footwear



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here at St. Mary’s students are required to have an indoor pair of running shoes to wear once they take off their outdoor shoes. This is especially important when the students are in the gymnasium during Physical Education. Many students in the previous years have had “skateboard shoes” which are flat soled shoes for their indoor shoes. These shoes will not be allowed in the gymnasium during Physical Education as they are highly inappropriate for the development of the student’s feet. It is very important for shoes to support the foot during exercise activities. Shoes that are completely flat on the bottom do not have enough cushioning or arch support. Therefore, skateboarding shoes, vans, toms, converse, etc. are not the best for vigorous physical activity

Research has been found that..

” Running shoes provide protection against the hard, repetitious pounding of your foot on hard surfaces as you run. In addition, depending on the shoes that you purchase, they help to protect your feet from their own instabilities and problems, such as feet with high arches or those that tend to over-pronate.”

“The importance of utilizing the proper footwear is a key component to keeping safe while enjoying athletic activities.”

“Many back pain problems start from some kind of compression of the vertebrae. Without the proper amount of cushion in the heel, the repetitive pounding that results from walking or running can have a ruinous effect on back health over time.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me any time. Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe.